Ontario Election Platform Recommendations

May 16, 2022

We are an Ontario-based coalition of 70+ educators, workers, and employers working to mobilize and support development of the building sector’s high-value skills and workforce which will be important jobs of the future.

Workforce 2030 partners and participants engage regularly with the provincial government. As we move toward a provincial election, we have offered three recommendations to each of the parties as they develop their platforms. It is our hope that this non-partisan approach will advance the sustainable and economic growth of the building sector in Ontario.

Our recommendations included investments in worker training and reskilling; identify new technologies and products to for low-carbon building; and improvements to building codes for safer and more sustainable buildings.

Through critical investments in workforce readiness and building code implementation, Ontario can simultaneously enhance the attractiveness of trades and other professionals while supporting innovation and inclusiveness in the building sector.

Workforce 2030 looks forward to discussing with all parties the Coalition’s recommended priorities.

Ontario Progressive Conservative
Ontario Liberal Party
Ontario NDP
Green Party of Ontario